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Highest Security

We encrypt our site with SSL from the beginning of your visit. This means that all actions you take on this site are secure. Your payment and customer information is also encrypted so that no one, not even us, can see it.

Fastest Delivery

Immediately after we receive your payment, you will already have an email in your inbox. It doesn't get any faster than that.
Should it still take longer, check your spam folder, otherwise our excellent customer service will help you.

Best Customer Service

Our customer service works, as the name suggests, customer-oriented. No long response times, no unnecessary mumbo-jumbo. With us you get fast and goal-oriented answers.

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Lifetime warranty

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Came on to this site a little skeptical, but the transaction was instant, and I received my information immediately.


50,000 BE - UNRANKED EUW Account


Patrick helped me find a never before used Premium account and helped me out the entire way through the purchase. Very happy with the result and will definitely return to in the future!


50,000 BE - UNRANKED EUW Account


no problems, all smooth


50,000 BE - UNRANKED EUW Account


The service you will experience here is unlike any other and if you've ever had a shadow of a doubt dealing with websites like this, you can rest assured this website is legitimate, quick, simple, and incredible.


50,000 BE - UNRANKED EUW Account


Simple to use, excellent


50,000 BE - UNRANKED EUW Account

Frequently Asked Questions

Our greatest concern is the security of our customers and their data. As a payment system we have chosen PayPal and Stripe, because on the one hand the customer data is in safe hands and on the other hand the customer has the security of not being scammed.

Simple answer - YES!
Simply go to and login with the credentials you just received from us.
Click on "Your username" and "Settings" afterwards.
Now just click in the email address field and type in your new email address.

The password can be changed from the same page.

After you purchased a League of Legends account the complete delivery works automatically and instantly (~30 seconds).

Check your email and especially your spam folder for an email from us.

We want to give the customer full control over the account. We haven't opened any advancement capsules from the beginning of the leveling process, so you can decide later on if you want to destroy all champion shards for more Blue Essence or if you want to buy a champion cheaper with a champion shard.
If you want to destroy all champion shards, you will get the described amount of Blue Essence or more.

Once you have paid for your order, you will receive an email with the subject "Your order is complete". This email will contain your login information.
If you can't find this email, please contact our support.

Replacements for banned accounts

Each account comes with a lifetime warranty on botting bans. If your account is ever banned for botting, contact us in Discord or send us an email.
Our guarantee only applies to botting bans, not to flaming / scripting / or any other ban reason.